Meet the Team

Norma Rodriguez


I'm a multimedia artist who occasionally puts a "lead by example" hat on. I love to work in teams and get stuff done. As a producer, I managed my team, their tasks, created schedules, and made sure we were excited for the project.

Maddy Kwan

Creative Director

I am an Interaction designer who is passionate about exploring new and innovative ways to create! Using my skills in UX, QA, and design, I have helped lead the vision of the project as the Creative Director.

Evan Collins

Design Lead, Marketing

I'm a filmmaker and accessibility advocate. As Design Lead, I focused on research and creation of initital layouts for other teams to implement. Outside of the project, I teach ASL and work in live theatre and film.

Shannon Kelly

Art Lead

I am a 3D artist who is one of the Art team leads for HOME. I directed the production of assets starting with the art team with a focus on usability and easy implementation into Unity.          

Amrit Sooklal

Art Lead

I'm a technology enthusiast and I'm always excited to learn and work with different types of technology and software. I've greatly increased my hard skills with experience with different software such as Blender as well as soft skills as team lead.

Patrick Arenas

Marketing Lead, Art

I am Multimeda Artist, that is very passionate of different kind arts or technologies. As being a Marketing lead and also in the Art team, I managed and designed different kind of marketing materials and also prototype different kind of 3D assets.

Matthew MacNeil

Programming Co-Leads

Being of one the Co-Leads for programming of HOME, I'm a programmer responsible for multiple mechanics seen within the project. Creating and bringing systems to life fills me great pride and thoroughly enjoyed my time working on HOME.

William Lyons

Sound Lead

I am a multimedia professional with a specialization in sound design and video production. I have a strong passion for education through alternative media. As Sound Lead, I managed the creation, quality assurance, and implementation of all audio assets.

Joaquin De Losada

Programming Co-Leads

I am one of the two programmers involved with the home project. My main job during the project was testing and assuring that VR system worked properly with the different systems that were being implemented.

Yankeer (Coco) Xu

Art, Marketing

I am skilled at working with people with diverse backgrounds. For HOME, I contributed in a team of seven to generate ideas for enhancing social media presence and elevating engagement of the project.

Eugene Payne

Sound, Design, Marketing

I have education in design, sound engineering, marketing strategies, and more. I worked primarily on music and overall audio creation. Remember to stay hydrated, stay motivated, and always remember home is where the house is.

Dongjian (Joey) Wu

Sound, Art

I am a talented individual with a keen ear for sound and a creative eye for 3D modelling. I bring a unique perspective to the project and I'm dedicated to creating an immersive and engaging experience for users.

Kamran Saini

Art, Design, Marketing

I contributed in a number of ways among all teams by helping with additional assets and quality assurance. I consider myself to be someone who works to help others whenever it is possible.

Daniel Zhang


As being in the Art team and being a 3D Artist for HOME. I made 3d assets from modeling, uv unwrapping and also texturing, helping on compile the scene sometimes.

Mitch Kogan

Art, Design

I specialize in using Blender to create stunning 3D assets that bring our vision to life. With a passion for art and an eye for detail, I am committed to delivering high-quality work that enhances the overall aesthetic of the project.